The bright tremolos of the eight-string mandolin. The mellow sonorities of the cello. The caress of a classical guitar. Combine them and you get a fresh treatment of classical favorites, popular songs, Broadway themes and a bluegrass tune or two for your Phoenix-Scottsdale area wedding, reception, corporate event or any gathering enhanced by live music.


Ocotillo is Cindy and Robert Leger. Cindy has more than three decades experience playing cello in symphony orchestras, chamber groups and string quartets. Robert is a longtime church musician on mandolin and guitar. We've played together for a quarter century.


We play Bach and Beethoven, Bernstein and the Beatles, bluegrass and traditional favorites, all in a way you'll hear nowhere else in the Southwest.

We tailor our music to your tastes. If you want classical music for an open house, we can perform it. If you'd prefer pop music, that's what we'll play.

We can arrange your favorite song. If you have a text, we’ll set that to music and rehearse with your vocalist, or provide a vocalist who works with us.

Like the ocotillo, we branch in many directions.


Let us provide uniquely memorable music for your unique event.

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Photos by Harley Bonham and AzPhotos.

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